A bit of everything!

Hello Everyone!

I have a bunch of short stories to share this week! I hope you enjoy them!


I wanted to believe it existed…

A couple of weeks ago, Alexandra and I decided to have Sarah (8 months old) sleeping in her bedroom. The baby monitor and camera were all setup. We wanted her to get accustomed to her crib as early as possible. We didn’t want her to follow her older brother’s footsteps and declare our bed “HER BED” for years to come. Children are our HEIRS, it’s true…well, let just say I’ve watched all 7 seasons of Game of Thrones! It doesn’t always end well for the parents LOL.

So, for 2 nights in a row and for the first time in 4 years there were no children in our bed. Can you believe that? The Masters were finally free LOL. My wife and I are asking ourselves “could it be possible that we redeemed our freedom?”

We couldn’t believe it. A king size bedroom for the 2 of us! Life was so good until a virus hit the kids. Evidently, both kids ended up back in our bedroom so mommy could monitor their health. As far as daddy goes, he was willing to sacrifice his spot on the throne for a lesser bed in the guest room…it’s called the ultimate sacrifice LOL. My wife doesn’t see it that way however…that’s for another discussion!

Utopia, one day, I’ll find you!

I can but I can’t

A very short story, I must share with you guys. My son was around 3 years old. He was trying to tie his shoes with not much success. At that age, they are very proud. I offered my help, the conversation went like this:

-“Son, can daddy help you tie your shoes?”


-“Can you tie your own shoes?”


The moral of the story is I can but I can’t.

Mommy, you have one too!

My son Malik is 4 and he is always asking questions. One day while Alexandra was changing Sarah’s diaper he noticed she was missing a part…He asked his mom where was Sarah’s penis! I covered my head under the sheets, I wasn’t expecting that one. I figured his mom would deal with it better than me. Alexandra told him that girls don’t have one. My son’s response was “But Mommy, we all have one, daddy, me and you”

All kind of thoughts ran through my mind. What?!?! Gross!

End of story!


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