For them.

From 2011 to 2014, I was in the best shape of my life. I was lifting, running, played basketball and soccer weekly, everything was great!

When Danielle was pregnant with Ben I remember thinking I want my son to think his dad is a superhero. I wanted to get on a new level.

So naive of me. Little did I know how parenthood would reallocate my freetime and resources. Fast forward 8 years and 50lbs and here we are.

Not all the added weight is bad, I kept lifting (and also eating). We shall call it an 8 year bulk. πŸ˜…

But now is time to teach the kids by leading and been an example. At some point me telling them that pop or sugar is bad while I have a beer with dinner will ring hollow. They aren’t stupid.

Next summer I turn 40 ( Si Dieu veut). I want to enter my 40s how entered my 30s lean and mean. It’s time to prioritize that aspect of my life and not use parenthood and career as an excuse. Teaching them that fitness and an active lifestyle is as important as math and reading should be a requirement.

The Plan

I am scheduling my workouts and runs to make sure they don’t get moved.

I am making stretching a priority since you know, I am old now and can’t skip them like a twenty-something kid immune to injuries.

The runs are moving outside as much as possible. Nothing beats fresh air.

And sleep, Real SLEEP. I always thought I had a superpower. While asleep I can hear when the kids go to the bathroom or leave their rooms, or when someone enters our bedroom. I was always proud of that. Well apparently that is NOT good, it means that I don’t really sleep πŸ˜• so that has to change.

I already did bloodwork to get a baseline and now know where I need to improve.

Some foods have to go, apparently I have developed some food sensitivities and need to eliminate them (hopefully temporarily) bye for now πŸ₯š.

Other bad habits like my addiction to fried chicken πŸ˜‹ needs to go. Sorry fried πŸ— but I want so see my grandkids someday.

There wont be any specific diet just clean eating with some fasting periods here and there.

I’ll be posting short videos on YouTube vloging the progress and before July next year I should have one of those epic transformation videos right ?

That’s it for now let’s do this. If anyone wants to join on this journey and be accountability or workout/run buddies let me know.

For the kids.



Author: Pierre-Richard Ducasse

Husband, Father of two. Avid sports Fan (Basket-ball, Soccer). Fitness enthusiast. Lover of Caribbean Food, specially Haitian food.

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