Bedtime! Will it ever be the same again?

My son Malik is 4 now. He’s a funny kid and he has tons of energy! He is not a quiter! I’ll tell you more about it later.

Here is my story. As all parents do, we purchased a bassinet and a crib that we put in our bedroom. My son would end up spending more time in our bed than in his crib…at one point he would wake up as soon as we’d try to put him in his crib and he would start crying until we put him back in our bed.

Yes we did it

It is not recommended to sleep with a baby in your bed for obvious reasons but we had to do it. This is when I learned the statue position which is the most uncomfortable one to sleep in. The ONLY advantage about it is that you don’t roll over your baby during your sleep but you feel like crap when you wake up in the morning! Your entire body is aching!

I have a plan

When my son turned 2, we put his crib in his room and adjusted it for the toddler he had become. To make a long story short, he never slept there because we didn’t have the energy nor the patience to let him get used to his new environment, meaning he cried a lot and we wanted to sleep!

I have another plan

When he turned 3, I said that’s it! I am going to turn Kevin Hart (it’s on Netflix) on him: « HE’S GONNA LEARN TODAY… » to sleep in his own bed. Daddy and mommy can’t handle anymore the headbutts while sleeping. Seriously, I had at least one mild concussion LOL. My wife suffered a busted lip from a headbutt! This kid’s cranium is made of adamantium (any x-men fans?) and he recovers fast too 🙂

What now?

My son loves cars. Actually, it is an understatement! Cars are to him what bball is to me…Everything! :).

We bought him a Rolls Royce look alike bed thinking he would only want to sleep there. WRONG AGAIN! He would play there during the day but at night NO NO! Daddy and mommy’s bed is where he wants to be. Honestly, at this point I almost gave up. I had a second baby on the way and I was already envisioning the 4 of us in my bed for another couple of years…king size is big but it feels small, especially with a toddler sleeping in a perpendicular way and moving all the time!

My son eventually turned 4! I had one last trick I wanted to try before giving up on the idea of him sleeping in his bed. It was to setup a trap between his room and my room. The trap was ME sleeping on a mattress in the hallway. I would intercept him every single time he would try to leave his room…like I said at the beginning, he is not a quiter! At the end, I gave up after 10 days… daddy needed his sleep too!

4 months ago, I told him that my bed was too small for the 4 of us. I also added that it would prevent him from growing up properly and that he needed more room in order to grow and be as tall as daddy.

On top of that, I also told him that all his friends at daycare would be taller than him because they slept in their own bed. TADAM!!!! It worked!!!!!

However, there is still a third party in my bed…hope that trick works for girls too!!!



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