My parents were both teachers. My wife is an early childhood educator. It is safe to say that in our house education is important and an early start is even more crucial.

Our son at the age of 3 showed interest in reading, writing and counting. While the canadian school system has its pros and cons, the curriculum of daycare, junior and senior kindergarten didn’t always challenge his interests in 123s and ABCs.

As a result we decided to keep him challenged by starting Kumon.

For those who do not know Kumon is a teaching/tutoring program that helps kids get an early start or helps struggling kids catchup and then get ahead.

For us it was a way to keep him learning and getting the academic challenge he wouldn’t be getting with school for another couple of years.

Almost two years in and the progress has been incredible. Kumons’ approach is fairly simple. Daily homework ranging from 5 minutes to 30 minutes per day. The program helps build discipline, consistency accountability and endurance. The best part is as a parent it removed alot of the guess work of trying to find a way to teach or find the material. It also removed the pressure my wife felt moving his learning along (teacher mom’s are so much more patient at work, trust me I’ve seen it)

Our daughter is 3 and will be starting her own Kumon journey as soon as she is ready. We definitely feel like this has been one of the best investment we have made so far.

The way you choose to give your child a head start is not important. What is important, is that you give them a head start.

Our choice was Kumon.

Pierre-Richard Ducasse


Author: Pierre-Richard Ducasse

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